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Natural Skincare
Cucumber Oil
Coconut Oil
Vegan Skincare
Pomegranate Hawaii
Hawaiian Plumeria
Raspberry UV Protection

Reef safe, FDA approved ingredients, natural oils, mineral broad spectrum SPF, vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Sunscreen/UV Protective Care cream

Daily/After Care moisturizer

Tanning oil




The Aloha Way

Tropic Discovery is a Maui inspired concept; which is the only island that has been voted for years "world's best destination". Between the Humpback Whales visiting us every season, and the plethora of food flavors offered in restaurants all over, we are more than excited about our Hawaiian company. 

Hawaiian Jewelry

All products sold in our stores have been picked and manufactured based on the Hawaiian credo, "honor the land and the sea". We share our 'Ohana with our customers, by bringing a piece of us in every element that we offer to you. They are the perfect gifts for you to share with everybody!

Reefs for Life

Hawaii is the only state in the USA that has banned products that use damaging ingredients (like oxybenzone and octinoxate) to protect the reefs, us and the sea life. Their efforts are one of the inspirations behind our natural, FDA approved ingredients and organic skin care line.



(Maui is the best)


At Tropic Discovery we are working on offering you the best Hawaiian inspired clothing, jewelry, skincare, gifts, and keepsakes. 

You will be able to have a piece of Maui with you anywhere in the world, through our great deals and promotions.  

Our vegan and natural skincare and sunscreen are also designed to nurture your skin when you are also exposed to low-temperature weather, by protecting and moisturizing it. 

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Our skincare line is sustainable, manufactured with natural and vegan ingredients that are grown in Hawaii or shipped from the mainland. They protect against the rain, water,

Water Resistant Sunscreen
UV Protection Sunscreen
All Weathe Resistant Sunscreen

sun (even the suntan oil), wind, and during high and low temperatures. Is also safe for people, the soil, reefs and sea life. All sunscreens should be reapplied every 40 minutes, even when they are water resistant.

Wind Resistant Sunscreen
Earth Friendly Skincare
Reef Safe Sunscreen
Maui Pineapple


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