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Queen Bee. The royalty that truly matters now!

The Earthwatch Institute, an international environmental charity aiming to work for the good of the planet, stated in the Royal Geographical Society that bees are now the most important living thing on the planet. Unfortunately, multiple species of bees have been placed on the list of endangered animals with studies showing a rapid global decline in the bee population. Let's look into why bees are so paramount: There are plenty of reason, for example almonds rely on pollination to produce almond nuts. The hulls are used as feed for cattle and chickens. No bees, means no almonds, means no cattle or chicken, meaning humans will have less meat, milk, and other products. This is just one of the many food ecosystems that are affected by bee populations.This is besides the fact that there is an entire multi-billion dollar industry revolving around bees and bee products such as honey, nectar, wax, and bee bread. Want to help? Don't use pesticides in your gardens, grow more local plants that produce flowers, try to buy your fruits and vegetables from sustainable sources and during dry seasons you can always place a water feeder for bees. I was amazed recently when I went to a beach in Makena and where the showers are bees hang around because they get to land on the rocks and hydrate!


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