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Your floatie is not welcome.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Yeah, you don't need to bring your floatie to the beach. Hawaii's beaches can get very windy, and the sea pretty rough too, so it really doesn't make any sense at all that you would bring a recreational floating device that will only get lost. We have seen so many floaties fly away from the seashore to the sea that is truly disturbing. Have you ever wonder what happens to them after you can't reach them?, that is if you notice they are gone of course. They end up either at the bottom of the sea with the rest of the plastic or inside a whale's stomach. Trust me, the only things you need at the beach are your towel, your oxybenzone-free sunscreen and a really good book. By the way, please be very careful when entering the sea because it can be very unpredictable, and Hawaii's beaches are known for having tourists get themselves in risky or deadly situations.

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