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We insist, HAWAII is the pioneer state on sustainability.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

And is not because we live on Maui, and we want to convince more people (than the 9,000,000 already visiting) to come and spend their valuable time and money on our islands. Sadly, our Hawaii is one of the most fossil fuel-dependent states, but what can you expect while being a very isolated place on the Pacific Ocean? Not that we are justifying it, but with certain limitations is very kind and smart to see that the future is on going entirely green with clean energy. To cut the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, the Hawaiian government launched the clean energy initiative in 2008, which pledges to establish new green credentials and aims to use 100% renewable electricity to power the entire state by 2045.

In a significant move, four mayors from across the state have signed an agreement to run Hawaii’s public transport system using only clean energy by 2045. Bravo!!!!!! Is definitely a wonderful start to a sustainable future.

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