The Arctic is bubbling.

How much do you know about the Arctic? Does it seem to far away to affect us in any way? The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth, and is not that far away either. The distance between Honolulu, Hawaii, USA and the Arctic Circle is around 5038 km = 3130 miles, so to have a better understanding of how close to Hawaii is, we could say that is about the same distance between New Mexico and Maui, Haiku (around 3,186 miles). It means that whatever happens up there should matter to us, and what we do here has a direct impact on it.

Last month NASA released footage showing the bubbling Arctic lakes, which are the result of a little known phenomenon called “abrupt thawing.” It occurs when the permafrost—ground that has been frozen for potentially thousands of years—thaws faster than expected due to global warming. Scientists have long known that the thawing permafrost has the potential to release large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. As the organic matter that has been locked up in the ground defrosts it decomposes, releasing carbon and methane (a hydrocarbon) in the process. So keep in mind, that every "little" action counts and the more you do to protect the ONLY PLANET you will ever know, the higher chances are for humans'


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