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Test products on people (or human friends)

Not your furry friends! That is what we did at Tropic Discovery, tested on us (adults) and our teenagers :). Can you imagine putting weird products on you cat, or your parrot? We can't. An then, why on earth would you use animals when we don't share the same DNA. Who ever came up with the dumb idea of exploiting other living beings for "our benefit", was probably raised in a 4x4 room with no view. Some people actually need the money and are willing to be part of human testing, so everybody wins! The ones that test on animals is because they would rather cut corners and sell a false idea of what is good for us. They have probably done some numbers and believe that by the time we realize that what they are putting in their products is going to kill us, we would probably be long gone anyway. So PLEASE buy products that are cruelty free, personally I use Bath and Body Works, they are responsible in that way too. Of course you can support our skin care too!


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