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Kealia Pond, a Maui wonder.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Mālama Ka 'Āina,  means "who have love for the land and living things". Kealia Pond employs professional biologist and land managers to accomplish specific conservation goals. Volunteers lend a helping hand with monitoring and protecting sea turtle nests to restoring native vegetation and assisting with environmental education. BEAUTIFUL. We are up for every effort to protect local flora and fauna, and Kealia's initiative is a very important part of it. Not only their efforts are very refreshing, there is also the amazing beach! I have been almost everywhere on Maui, and so far this is the best beach I have seen. Sadly I did not have my bathing suit on, so I was not able to dive in but laying on the shore was very fulfilling. There are plenty of birds on the pond too, and they are so funny specially when they dive for fish. My advice? Make it a priority when you visit Maui, and learn along the way.

Photos by: Clau Castillo



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