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Is real! You can grow your own food in Hawaii.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

So! I was the one person that was not able to keep a cactus alive! I admit it, most of my life I would tell everybody that plants did not like me. Well, it turned out to be misunderstanding between our green and colorful friends and me. About a year ago, I told my husband I wanted to grow our own tomatoes, most of all because he is a huge fan of Latino food and they are a huge ingredient. Of course, I tried to do it indoors and I failed completely. About 6 months ago my husband asked me to bring basil for his famous spaghetti and he did not use it, and it turned out to be the plant to teach me how to take care of my own pots. Recently I got a strawberry plant and voilà! It grew a couple! Try it yourself, there is nothing more rewarding that harvesting your own food!

I am so inspired now and will continue giving you updates on my new hobby. Tomatoes are the next ones!

Photos by: Clau Castillo



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