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Hawaii is within the first 19 out of hundreds of thousands.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

How many places to visit could there be in our amazing Planet Earth? Millions? Billions maybe? Not only Hawaii Island is within CNN's VIP list for the places to visit in 2019, but the island made a true comeback after Kilauea Volcano erupted in May 2018. It devastated a large part of Hawaii's largest island, which is known as the island of Hawaii.

Houses were destroyed. Businesses were left shattered. Millions of dollars of tourism money — approximately $480 million — was lost as a result of the destructive eruption. Still, it found its way back with an extra place to visit... And now, there's more to celebrate with the creation of a new black sand beach at Isaac Kepoʻokalani Hale Beach Park, thanks to Kilauea. Keep in mind that swimming isn't advised due to strong currents and a dangerous shore break according to the county of Hawaii's Department of Parks and Recreation. Although, you don't need to be in the water to appreciate its wonderful natural beauty. Go visit!

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