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Hawaii, greener than ever!

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

As a resident of Maui I can honestly say that my heart goes out to the tourists that have been dreaming of this wonderful Hawaiian vacation, and they arrive to rainfall on every single day. For us, the 6 months of constant rain that we have had, have made us way more appreciative of those beautiful sunny days. But again, Hawaii has never look greener! Wow, is truly a beautiful sight. We still get amazing sunsets tho! The photo on this post was taken by me, while my daughters and I decided to walk to Shark’s Pit in Lahaina and sat at the beach because we missed it. Even with gray clouds covering the sky, Nature’s perfect gift was a beautiful orange-pink farewell to the day.

If you are paying attention and be present, you will find plenty of rainbows and sunsets even in the rainy season!

Photo by: Clau Castillo



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