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Great Barrier Reef headed for ‘massive death’

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

According to an article on CNN. John "Charlie" Veron -- widely known as "The Godfather of Coral" -- is a renowned reef expert who has personally discovered nearly a quarter of the world's coral species and has spent the past 45 years diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Charlie has been an advocate for such impressive system, and he believes that we wi lose them in the near future too. In 2016 and 2017, marine heat waves caused by climate change resulted in mass bleaching, which killed about half of the corals on the Great Barrier Reef, along with many others around the world. Even though the current US administration denies the effects and consequences of not being mindful about our Planet Earth, is is a fact that we are slowly ruining it (carbon emissions most of all). These effects will cause an ecological collapse, and people should be aware of it. Avoid waste and excess on consuming fossil fuels, and you will be helping the human race survive! Want to learn more? Visit our Facts page.

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