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Charman J. Akina and his Hawaiian legacy.

Retired Hawaiian physician Charman J. Akina has donated 135 acres of land in South Kona to The Nature Conservancy on Hawaiʻi Island. A selfless gift that will provide a home and refuge for native plants and animals for future generations, which is so much needed to preserve Hawaii's ecosystems. He had previously donated land to The Nature Conservancy, he donated a 37-acre neighboring parcel in 2014. Native songbird species such as the ʻapapane, ʻiʻiwi, ʻelepaio, and ʻamakihi are found throughout this area as they pass through the protected corridor of South Kona properties. The area also provides much needed habitat for the endangered ‘io (Hawaiian hawk) and the ‘ōpe‘ape‘a (Hawaiian hoary bat), which likely utilizes the property for foraging. The National Audubon Society rates Kona forests as A-1 Globally Significant Important Bird Areas. Have you ever wondered which your legacy would be to the planet that has been so good to you (and the ones that depend on it) when you are gone? You don't need to donate hundreds of acres, but plant at least ONE tree. It will make a true difference.

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