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Black Widow spiders...on Maui!

Updated: May 5, 2018

Yes, I must do the right thing and inform you about spiders on Maui. I knew that there is a very local spider called Cane Spider (luckily have not been introduced yet), but I did not know about Black Widows until I saw one! After fainting a couple of times, I had to ask my husband to get rid of it (guilty as charge). Of course, he had to take a picture while I was still gasping for air. Lahaina town is probably the most populated town (by square footage) on our beautiful island, so most of the flora and fauna has been wiped out (sadly). In such conditions you don’t find that many invertebrates, but to my surprise this famous arachnid has a presence within the community! I wish we could all co-exist, but they do have a deadly bite. I am not sure if the one I saw was the Southern Black Widow or the Western Black Widow, but it was horribly scary especially because I do have STRONG fear of them. It would be very unlikely for visitors to run into them while enjoying all the wonders that Maui offers, but if you find one RUN FORREST, RUN!



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